September 24, 2021


10 Must-Have Signs For Your Wedding Day

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Over here at The Details Duo, we have so many reasons to love designing and creating custom wedding signs for our clients! Weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring people together to celebrate love and enjoy each other’s company. What better way to treat your guests like royalty and show them a warm welcome than including personalized signage at your wedding? Not only do wedding signs guide your guests by helping them find their seat or decide what drink to order from the bar, they also act as totally-custom personal touches sprinkled throughout your ceremony and reception. Plus — don’t we all love a beautiful piece of decor that also is functional and serves a purpose? Yes, please! As we know, weddings are a big life event and involve numerous moving parts. It can be tricky to know off the top of your head which signs should be displayed on your wedding day and where, so we’ve done all the planning for you! Here are our top 10 must-have wedding signs. 

Welcome Sign 

Starting off with one of the first signs your guest will see as they arrive, the welcome sign! This sign can be placed at the entrance to your ceremony, and is an excellent way to create a lovely first impression while tying into the theme of your wedding day. 

Guest board 

A fun alternative to a guestbook that can also be taken home and displayed on your wall. This is one of our favorite pieces to create for our couples! We love the idea of having a physical memento to remember your wedding day,  signed by each of your friends and loved ones. 

Unplugged Ceremony 

Your photographer will thank you for this one! The purpose of an “unplugged ceremony” sign is to kindly ask your guests to silence their phones and be present for your special moment. Too often wedding ceremonies are disrupted by phones ringing, obstructing the view of other guests, or getting in the way of the wedding photographer’s shot. Having this sign present at your ceremony is sure to do the trick! 

Hashtag Sign

How cute is this idea? We love a “punny” hashtag wedding sign! If you’re looking for ways to incorporate you and your partner’s personality into your wedding, a unique hashtag allows your guests to share their own images from the big day. 

Signature Drinks

While we’re on the subject of personalization — share your favorite bar recommendations with your guests by displaying custom drink menus! “His and Hers” signature drink signs are sure to make a statement, and they can be designed in any way you like! 

Customized or Dedicated Bar Sign 

In the past, we’ve created custom signs for our couples to display on the bar at their reception. We just adore how versatile these can be! This sign can be dedicated to a loved one who’s passed away (“Joe’s Bourbon Bar”) or it can include a monogram of your initials. 

Seating Chart or Escort Card Display

Our favorite way to go BIG with your wedding decor! Seating charts and escort card displays act as a focal point for cocktail hour and will help your guests find their seat quicker. We’ve created so many unique wedding signs for seating, each of them different from the last in their own special way. A must-have wedding sign for sure! For more on escort displays, check out our recent blog post called 4 Reasons To Include an Escort Card Display At Your Wedding!

Table Numbers

Having a numbered sign at each reception table is so important for making sure your guests don’t feel lost! These go hand in hand with seating charts and do a great job helping things run smoothly. 

Neon Sign 

“Treat yo’self” to a custom neon sign at your wedding! We can’t see these going away any time soon, and we’re so glad because they are a blast to create! Neon signs are a must-have because they can be displayed anywhere and personalized in any way you can imagine. Have fun getting creative! Here are a few of our favorites:

Large Laser Cut Sign 

Dress up your sweetheart table with a large laser cut sign! The perfect photo-op that will be cherished for years to come. This sign can be a sweet quote, your last name, you and your partner’s initials, “Mr & Mrs” and more! There are endless possibilities. 

Now that you’ve learned about all the must-have wedding signs to include in your big day, it’s time to start planning! Contact us to start chatting all about your wedding vision, theme, and how we can create the perfect personalized wedding signs for each special moment of your day. We can’t wait to design custom pieces for you and your guests to enjoy, and that are all yours to cherish forever!

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