November 22, 2021


6 Escort Card Ideas That Double as Guest Favors

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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been there… a beautiful wedding that we are having the best time at, and then at the end of the night we’re handed a guest favor that just ends up forgotten in the back of a drawer. Who wants to put time and care into a favor that is just going to go to waste? Not many, so we’ve got some ideas for you! Let’s talk about seating assignments and guest favors, a combo you may not have considered until now! Most weddings these days come with a table or seating assignments, so why not get creative and make your seating assignments double as a guest favor that everyone will love?! 

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You may be a bit hesitant about making your seating assignments act as a guest favor as well. A common question asked is “what if we need to indicate the guest’s meal choice on their escort card? We don’t want it to take away from the favor.” Well, luckily we’ve thought it all through so you don’t have to! We love the idea of using a more discreet meal indicator so that if guests take it home as a favor, it looks like part of the overall wedding design! For example, rather than engraving a cow to represent beef, you can add a cute saguaro instead. Just let catering know in advance what it represents!

Not sure where to start with making escort cards that double as guest favors? We specialize in all the fine details and love getting creative with our clients! We can help you come up with the perfect 2-in-1 item for your guests no matter what the shape or size. We’ve seen it all from keychains to hand sanitizer bottles! The options seriously are wide open. Let’s jump into a few of our favorite ideas!

Fun and Festive Ornaments

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner! Ornaments are typically most popular during the holiday season but you can truly use them as your escort cards at any time of year. Whether you’re planning a wedding during the holidays or not, ornaments are a creative escort card that acts as a favor your guests will use for years to come! Plus, there are so many fun ways to display them! You can go classic and use a tree, or think outside of the box with a Disney-inspired theme, the options are endless!

custom ornament wedding guest favors on an escort card display by the details duo

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Memorable Magnets

By now we almost all have magnetic refrigerators and that one “To Do” list that we just can’t seem to completely cross off. Why not give your guests a little memento from your wedding that they can utilize every day? Incorporate magnets into your wedding as escort cards and they can also act as a great gift for guests to take home at the end of the night. They’re not only easy to slip into a pocket or purse, but we all have a photo, list, or card that we’re always wanting to slap up onto the fridge — magnets are a must-have and so fun to customize!

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Cute Coasters

When your guests attend your wedding there’s probably one place they’ll visit the most, the bar. And what could be a better partner to a great drink than a sweet coaster? Even if you’re not using them for the purpose of protecting your furniture, your guests will love having a custom little coaster to take home at the end of the night. One of our favorite ways to display coasters as escort cards is placing them on a large wall. We laser-engraved the names of each guest onto these gorgeous wooden coasters and lined them up by table for guests to find their name and their seat!

Custom coaster wedding guest favors

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Custom Keychains

Have you ever lost your keys? I bet you’ve wished you had your name on them so they could easily be tracked down! A keychain guest favor that also acts as an escort card may just be the PERFECT solution for your guests. They’re incredibly fun to display and easy to take home! Your guests can attach them to their set of keys and have a practical keepsake of your wedding day.

keychain wedding guest favors on an escort card display wall

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Handy Hand Sanitizers

Can you tell we’ve been through a pandemic? Personalized hand sanitizers are ALL the rage right now and we’re not mad about it! Make your guests escort “cards” out of hand sanitizer bottles and they’ll definitely be put to good use — possibly even when they pick them up before dinner!

hand sanitizer wedding guest favors by the details duo

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Mini Patron Bottles

Not ready for the party to end? Or need a way to get the party started? Think about using mini patron bottles as your escort cards, they’re not only adorable but your guests will definitely rave about them! While we don’t provide the patron bottles themselves, we can make you some custom drink stirrers to pop right in! Add another personal touch to remind guests that you’ve thought through every single detail. 

custom drink stirrers at wedding reception

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There are so many unique ways to let your guests know where they are sitting for dinner and to thank them for coming to your big day! By creating escort cards that double as wedding guest favors, your friends and loved ones will be able to look back on these items in the future and remember what an incredible night your wedding was.

Ready to start designing your custom escort cards and guest favors? Go ahead, give us a shout and let’s get creative!

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