July 1, 2022


Introducing: The Details Depot! DIY Wedding Decor

the details depot - DIY wedding decor
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Well hello there! If you’re new here, we’re Brad and Taylor, and if you’re familiar we’re so glad to have you around. It has been a crazy (in the best way) year for our business AND the event industry! Watching various wedding trends boom, seeing our couple’s creative ideas grow, and expanding our business has been an amazing ride. And, we’re so excited to share everything with you!

Whether you’re a new friend or have been along for the journey over the last few years, we are thrilled to share our new sister company, The Details Depot, with you. One question we are asked to share often is the story behind the why: what led us to create The Details Depot? How will couples and vendors benefit from this new addition to the local market? We’re here to give you the rundown. To keep it simple, we wanted to serve more clients in more ways than one! That was and still is our main goal, and The Details Depot gives us that ability.

Brand and Taylor of The Details Depot, DIY wedding decor materials in Arizona
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We have had the time of our lives building The Details Duo and still will be creating custom builds for incredible couples. However, we realized that sometimes these custom pieces just aren’t in everyone’s budgets, and that some couples prefer to purchase a la carte. After a super successful year we set out to find a way to provide our community with high quality signage materials on a larger level. We soon came up with the idea of The Details Depot, where clients and local vendors can buy pre-cut and prepared materials to build and customize their own signage and backdrops! Since announcing The Details Depot we’ve received quite a few questions and wanted to go ahead and answer them all right here, right now. If you have any other burning questions be sure to shoot us a DM on IG!

So, what exactly is The Details Depot?

The Details Depot is the sister company to The Details Duo. Our goal is to provide our couples and fellow wedding vendors with ready-made materials to customize on their own, so they are able to create their own high-quality signage and backdrops at a lower price! The Details Depot provides you with a blank slate for wedding decor. These wood and acrylic materials are ready for you to turn into whatever you’re dreaming of! With what you find at The Details Depot marketplace, the options for what you can create are endless. We will be offering materials that you can purchase a la carte: wood and acrylic signage pieces, pre-cut backdrops in trendy shapes, letters, and so much more will be waiting for you to let your DIY creative juices take over!

Why “Depot”?

Many of you have asked us to explain the story behind our name, specifically the use of the word “Depot.” When building this side of our business, we wanted a name that reflected what we do while also leaning into the relationship with The Details Duo. We absolutely adore an alliteration and knew we wanted The Detail Duo’s sister company to have one. After lots of brainstorming we finally figured it out! “Depot” was the perfect word to describe what we will be offering through our new business. The word depot comes from the French word dépôt. It means “a place of deposit,” and like many companies before us — “Home Depot,” “Office Depot,” “Restaurant Depot,” etc. we felt as though the word was extremely fitting. We added in an alliteration (and nod to our sister business The Details Duo) and The Details Depot was born!

Why should I DIY my wedding decor? 

It’s true, you’re going to hear horror stories from brides who have attempted to DIY their entire wedding. But we’re here to tell you, with access to top-notch materials and the drive to get creative, magic can happen! We know how daunting the thought of creating your own wedding signs and backdrops is, especially when you already have a laundry list of to-dos before the big day. But, with The Details Depot, your DIY wedding decor projects will be fun AND turn out amazing. 

Don’t believe us? We’re going to try and convince you otherwise… What if we told you creating your own DIY wedding decor is a memorable experience perfect for soon-to-be-married couples? Customizing these displays to reflect you and your style can be a labor of love. When you work together you’ll be blown away by what you come up with! It is YOUR wedding after all, so let’s get your creative juices flowing! Turn on your favorite playlist, pour the champagne, and just have fun with it!

Another great reason why you should DIY your own wedding decor is that you will have complete control over the outcome. We LOVE having clients outsource to The Details Duo for custom installations and pieces but we also love when our clients take the lead. By DIYing your wedding decor you’ll be able to make the decisions on the products you use, the size and shape, what colors are used, and more!

What makes Depot different than Duo?

The goal with Depot and Duo is we wanted our companies to work beautifully side by side but not compete. There are four key differences between Depot and Duo.

  1. Duo offers full customization while Depot offers you the ability to customize on your own
  2. Duo has a minimum order requirement while Depot has no minimum requirement!
  3. Duo offers high-quality custom builds while Depot sells high-quality base materials
  4. Duo offers on-site installations while Depot offers local pick up 

We love Depot and Duo equally but know that depending on the couple, one or the other will be a better fit! Which is why we wanted to create different options that both provide a high quality experience.

What will you have available to purchase from Depot?

Last but certainly not least, we want to share with you what we’ll have in store. The Details Depot will be opening shop in August, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what we will be offering!

  • Frosted, matte, black and white acrylic for wedding signs
  • Shelving for backdrops
  • Wood pieces for signs and backdrops
  • Letters

And so much more! Arches will be the first shape available to purchase for backdrops, and we hope you snag yours soon. We could not be more excited to launch The Details Depot and get to know more and more amazing couples and vendors. Creating this business has been a dream from the start and we are SO lucky to have amazing people like you supporting us. 

Now that you know who we are, why we were created, and what makes us stand out, we hope you take the time to follow along with the launch of The Details Depot! We have SO much going on over on our Instagram @thedetailsdepot and it will be the best way to catch a glimpse at all that will be coming in the future. We can’t wait to get to know you and would love to hear your ideas on what products you’d like to see us offer in the future. Send us a DM and let’s start chatting!

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