November 1, 2022

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Local Arizona Wedding Vendors That Add To Guest Experience

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Working in the wedding industry has a ton of perks, but one of our absolute favorite bonuses is the fact that we work side-by-side with some of the industry’s BEST vendors. We are passionate about helping our couples get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to their guests’ experience, so we felt now was the perfect time to share some amazing local Arizona wedding vendors with you!

The local vendors on this list are just a few of the many who we know will add to your guests’ experience in a fun and unique way. We are overwhelmed with the love and support we receive from our wedding vendor community, so we’re returning it right back! Today we’re sharing a few local vendors that can add a fun, special touch to your guest experience. These Arizona wedding vendors know the best way to make your day unforgettable and we’ve had a blast working alongside a few of them! Trust us when we say you’ll want to consider each of these unique and special experiences for your wedding day. 

Sweet Ceremony Details

Your ceremony is likely the first place where guests will get a taste of what your wedding has to offer, so let’s make an impression! To elevate your ceremony, consider bringing in live musicians. And, if you want your fur baby to be a part of your wedding ceremony as well we have the perfect pet attendant company to make logistics with your pet seamless.

Live Musicians

(Left) Photographer: Annie Randall Photography | (Right) Photographer: Pinkerton Photography

Live musicians are always a fantastic addition for a wedding ceremony. Not only do they bring the charm and romance, but live musicians are able to lean into the emotion of each song you’ve selected. We absolutely adore the violinist Jonathan Levingston. Jonathan takes modern day songs and turns them into something that sounds classical and timeless — perfect for your ceremony! Another company we love is Sweetwater Strings. This is a string group located in Phoenix, they specialize in modern covers of pop music. Your ceremony will be a memorable experience with either of these live musicians.

Pet Attendants

local Arizona wedding vendors
Photos From Wedding Tails Pet Attendants Instagram

Many couples have four-legged friends who they want to include in their wedding, but sometimes it’s difficult deciding what to do with them after the ceremony and photos! That’s where Wedding Tails Pet Attendants comes in. We haven’t had the opportunity to work with them at a wedding just yet, but they have a genius concept! You can hire a pet attendant to stand alongside your furry friend so you and your human friends can be fully present throughout the day. Not only are these pet attendants professional and skilled with animals, but they will also meet with your pet ahead of time to make sure everyone is comfortable with one another prior to the wedding. Plus, they come prepared with treats, water, and will even clean up after your pet. Huge bonus!

Memory Making Moments

Making your wedding memorable for your guests is important, but we also want to make it memorable for YOU! We recommend hiring vendors who specialize in quality wedding keepsakes that provide options other than photos for you to remember your wedding day by. Our favorite new trends have been voicemail audio guestbooks and live paint artists to document your day!

Phone Voicemail Guest Book

local Arizona wedding vendors
Fete Phone (Left) Photographer: Jaimee Morse, Sign: The Details Duo | After The Tone (Right) Photo from After The Tone Pinterest

If you’ve checked out any trending wedding blog or even TikTok, you’ve most likely seen these voicemail guest books. Although they aren’t local, After The Tone and FeteFone are two of our absolute favorite audio guest book options — so we had to include them anyway! Book one of these phones for your event and your guests can leave messages for you throughout the night. And trust us, if drinks are involved they can get pretty hilarious as the night goes on! It’s such an entertaining way to remember your wedding day and it’s SO much fun for guests. You can even have the messages sent directly to your email or pressed on a vinyl for timeless memories.

Live Paint Artist

local Arizona wedding vendors
Photos from Paige Reesor’s Instagram | Photographer: Desert Peony Photo & Megan Cary Photography

If you want things to be a little more subtle, consider hiring an artist who specializes in live painting to turn an important moment of your wedding day into timeless art. Popular ideas are your first kiss at your ceremony, first look, or first dance. It’ll be tough to choose just one! Live paint artists will begin painting during the scene you want to capture and continue throughout the night, entertaining guests who watch as the painting comes to life. The best part is that after the painting is done it is yours to keep! If you’re looking for a live paint artist in the Arizona area, reach out to Paige Reesor. We haven’t worked with her just yet but absolutely adore her work and have heard incredible things from our vendor friends!

Entertain Guests

You want your wedding day to be one guests remember, right? Well we have three iconic ways to entertain guests throughout the night that are unique and will definitely keep them talking! Three recent Arizona wedding vendors we have had so much fun with lately are the Beer Burro’s, Fotobooth Bus, and a Astrology Birth Chart Readings. 

Beer Burros

local Arizona wedding vendors
(Left) Photo from Vendor Open House with Haul ‘N Ass | (Right) Photographer: Ryann Lindsey Photography, Welcome Moment: The Details Duo, Beer Burro: Walking M Farms

Okay, the Beer Burro is just ADORABLE! These sweet donkeys from Haul N Ass Productions (Left) or Walking M Farms (Right) will come dressed up for your wedding day with a satchel on their back ready to hold beers and seltzers. A handler will walk them around your cocktail hour or reception while offering guests an entertaining experience of grabbing a drink from the burro instead of the bar. The Beer Burro is always a huge hit and it’s easy to see why, everyone is always so excited to see them walking around. You can bet that pictures are always taken! 

Unique Photo Booth

local Arizona wedding vendors
Photographer: Pinkerton Photography | Escort Display: The Details Duo | Photobus: Fotobooth Bus

Provide your guests with the ability to take photos home to keep! Your photographer will mostly be focused on YOU, but your guests want to remember this day from their perspective as well. We absolutely love Fotobooth Bus, it’s a vintage Volkswagen that a photo booth has been built into. Guests will have so much fun hopping into the backseat and snapping fun pictures to admire for ages. 

Astrology + Birth Chart Readings

local Arizona wedding vendors
(Left) Planning: Jane In The Woods, Sign: Freja Creative | (Right) Photographer: Jane In The Woods, Sign: Spindles Design Co

Finally, we have to give a special shoutout to this incredible Astrology and Birth Chart Reading artist. Everyone is obsessed with the idea of reading their birth chart or understanding themselves through astrology, so let’s bring the answers to them! One of our couples recently brought in Eight Moons Collective for their Sedona wedding and everyone had the best time hearing about their charts. 

Whoever you choose to bring into your wedding day, we hope you value each and every moment. Your wedding vendors are there to make your big day unforgettable and fun! If you check out some of the local Arizona wedding vendors on our list, let us know who you’re interested in booking. We hope to work with everyone on our list sometime soon!

Vendors Mentioned:

Beer Burro’s: Haul N Ass Productions + Walking M Farms

Photo Booth: Fotobooth Bus

Pet Attendants: Wedding Tails Pet Attendants

Live Musicians: Jonathan Levingston + Sweetwater Strings

Voicemail Guestbooks: After The Tone + FeteFone

Live Paint Artist: Paige Reesor

Astrology/Birth Chart Readings: Eight Moons Collective

If you enjoyed reading about these local Arizona wedding vendors and are looking for more tips, head to the blog!

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