September 17, 2021


4 Reasons To Include an Escort Card Display at Your Wedding

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When was the last time you hosted a dinner with more than just a few people? For us, that time was our wedding! Wedding reception dinners are much more of an event than a simple family meal. Trying to get dozens of guests organized can quickly spiral into chaos and confusion if not managed correctly. In this post, we’re diving into one of the best ways to avoid dinner disasters on your big day: escort card displays! There are many reasons why you should include an escort card display at your wedding. Here are just a few!

Help guests find their seat quicker

Using standard place cards at each seat on wedding reception tables does a good job of letting people know exactly where they’re sitting, but guests will still have to hunt around for the right table. An escort card display will take organization to the next level! As soon as the guests arrive, they’ll be pointed in the right direction. Combine escort cards with place cards, and we guarantee there won’t be any traffic jams or hold ups for you, your guests, or your wedding vendors to worry about.

pink custom escort card display with a neon sign at a wedding reception
Venue: Four Seasons Scottsdale | Photographer: Rachel Solomon Photo | Planner: Your Jubilee

Your caterers will thank you

Caterers jobs aren’t easy when you take a moment to think about it. There’s a lot more work involved than you may expect! They arrive at your wedding venue, transport the food, prepare the servings, and make sure each meal gets to the right guests. If you want to make their lives a bit easier, a pre-planned seating arrangement along with an escort card display will allow everyone to get their food quicker and easier. Just have your wedding planner provide the catering vendor your seating chart, and they’ll be able to deal with special requests and food assignments in a snap!

custom escort card display with wedding guests names
Venue: L’Auberge Sedona | Photographer & Planner : Jane In The Woods | Calligraphy: Spindles Design Co. | Florist: Sarah’s Garden

Get personal with the design

Our favorite part of designing and constructing wedding escort displays is how personal you can make them! It’s super fun to go a little “off-course” with unique flairs or elements of your personality that reflect you as a couple. You could go with a classy option like printed names on acrylic cards, something delicious like a food or drink take-home favor with a personalized stir stick attached, or funky like labeled prickly pear keychains. The only limit is truly your imagination. Use your escort card display as your excuse to go all-out for your wedding!

custom escort card display with prickly pear cactus at a wedding reception
Venue: Four Seasons Scottsdale | Photo: Mashaida Co | Planner: Callista Osborn | Design: Libby Tipton

Give that “wow” moment

A great escort card display draws in a crowd like nothing else. During cocktail hour guests will love checking out the display. It will also make a great talking point (especially if you added some personality to the design).  Along with the rest of your decor, the display will make your guests feel like they’re attending something truly special and once-in-a-lifetime. It helps your wedding stand out from the crowd and be even more fun and memorable!

wedding guests enjoying a custom escort card display
Venue: El Chorro | Photo: Cameron Clark Photo | Planner: Imoni Events | Escort tags: Celebrations In Paper | Florist: Lux Florist

Overall, deciding to include an escort card display will greatly enhance your guest’s experience at your wedding. It serves as a focal point for the evening — functional when a seat needs to be found and beautiful when walking around. At The Details Duo we have been custom-crafting these displays for years, and we’re sure you’ll love having one at your event. Contact us and let’s start planning some fun ideas for your show-stopping escort card display!

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