July 29, 2022


Reflecting On Our Business Journey

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Hello, sweet friends! What a wild ride this business has been so far, can you believe we’re already halfway through another year of The Details Duo?! It’s crazy to think back on the first few months of our business and to see what it has become. We couldn’t have gotten here without all of YOU, our incredible clients and vendor friends. 

When the concept of The Details Duo was born we knew one thing for sure, we wanted to help couples create their dream day through custom wedding display builds. We saw this opportunity and knew we had to make the most of it! Working with newlyweds has been inspiring and we have met SO many experts along the way who have not only encouraged us in our business but allowed us to learn from their experiences and ultimately grow. Over time, we have built an incredibly supportive community that has ultimately shaped The Details Duo into what it is today, so, forgive us if we get a little emotional, we just are SO grateful. Seriously, never in a million years did we think our little passion project would come this far, but we are so thrilled that it has and overjoyed to have you on this journey with us.

Looking back on the past year

As we head into another crazy wedding season we felt it was necessary to reflect on the last few years, as well as the business goals we set for 2022. Sharing our experiences with our community has been important to our growth and you all deserve an inside look at what’s to come.

To jump right in, The Details Duo is changing (just a little bit) for the better! Last fall we did 70+ weddings, it was amazing!!! We were constantly working and so grateful to be busier than ever especially after the pause on events in 2020, but WOW did it take a toll on us. We made sacrifices and told ourselves this would all be worth it, and it was. Our business was our focal point for the entirety of this past year and as a result, we saw tremendous success and growth. This dedication to our business early on has given us the ability to make changes that will not only provide us with a better work-life balance but provide our clients with an even better experience.

What the future holds

Constantly cranking out designs and builds was fun (we pinch ourselves daily that this gets to be our job!) but we realized our favorite part of what we do is working with and getting to know our clients. Learning about their love stories and adding in special little details that spoke true to who they are is what makes The Details Duo so special! So, how do we pour more time into our clients while still staying true to who The Details Duo is? Well, for starters, we’re capping out at 20 weddings a season. Are we a little nervous? Sure! The jump from 70+ events in one season to just 20 events a season is terrifying, but this gives us something even more valuable than quantity… quality. With fewer weddings each year we have more time to spend getting to know our clients, having a hand in design from large moments to day-of signage, and ensuring that their experience is nothing short of exceptional from start to finish.

And guess what? The ball is rolling, we’re already gaining positive feedback from this new approach! To start, we created an in-depth questionnaire that allows us the ability to get to know our clients and their love story. This idea stemmed from some of our all-time favorite builds, Ana + Alex’s Life in Tandem seating chart. Builds like this share an important element of our client’s relationship and through our new questionnaire, we’ll be able to have these details from the start! It is SO important to us that each display is a reflection of our couples and what makes them unique. We don’t want to just crank out cool escort displays – we want them to have meaning!

A few things we include in our client questionnaire

As we’ve spent more time with our business we realize that time really has flown by. We are grateful for all of our clients, all the lessons, and all of the builds we’ve created along the way! As this next year and wedding season carries on we are so thrilled to keep sharing our journey with you. If you’re ready to book, our calendar is filling up for 2023! Contact us and let’s start chatting all about your big day.

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