September 13, 2021


The Duo Behind The Details: About Us

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The Duo Behind The Details: About Us

Hello – we’re so glad you found us! Here at the Details Duo, we are excited to start offering wedding planning resources through our blog to brides, grooms, and fellow industry creatives. We absolutely love the joy and creativity that weddings bring, and have gathered a lot of valuable knowledge through the years. Now we’d like to pass some of that information along to you! Let’s kick things off with a bit about us and our story.

Meet The Duo

The “Duo” consists of yours truly – Brad and Taylor! We were high school sweethearts and dated for 9 years before getting married in October 2017. It is a DREAM to work alongside each other making wedding visions come to life, and we pinch ourselves every day that this is what we’re able to do!

About Brad

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even as a kid, I would sell candy bars to my classmates for some extra cash! Gotta start somewhere, right? I also love to work with my hands and build from scratch. Constructing decor really is an art form for me. My role in The Details Duo is to design renderings, lead production, and oversee on-site installations.

About Taylor

I majored in Special Events and Public Relations in college, and all that knowledge is perfect for our business! I love working with people, especially brides and grooms as they are approach one of the happiest moments of their lives. My tasks on our team involve email communication, social media, and booking. I also oversee quality control (sorry Brad, but not everything comes out perfect 😉) and make sure every final product is ready to make it’s big debut on your special day!

How It All Began

After we got married, we opened “Borrowed From A Bride” – a wedding retail and resale store where brides could sell their pre-loved decor items to new brides. As time went on, we continued to get requests for more custom options, and our creative wheels started spinning! This brought us to a fork in the road where we had a big business decision to make. There were two options: we could either invest in laser cutting machines to make the items from scratch, or open a much larger space where we could house thousands of items for more readily available inventory. After talking it over, we went with the first option. Thus, The Details Duo was born!

To start off, we focused on making smaller custom items like table numbers, guestboards, and guest favors. Once word got out that we could make anything in your imagination, we got more requests for larger items! This would lead us to building bigger installs, and eventually focusing on the niche market of escort displays. Go big or go home!

The WHY Behind The Details

The element of our business that gives us the most fulfilment is bringing a client’s vision to life and giving them a product that is 100% custom to them. We love creating beautiful designs for our clients, and it makes our hearts so happy to see the displays we build incorporate more personal touches! Just like every couple is unique, so should be your wedding details! We believe clients get more out of customized decor (enjoyment and investment-wise) and guests truly enjoy seeing a piece of the couple’s love story. It’s easy to recreate something on Pinterest, and we can certainly do that – but what really drives us is designing displays that are unique to you!

And that’s a wrap, we hope you enjoyed getting to know us! As a husband and wife team, we know exactly how important your wedding day is and will go the distance to make it a more beautiful and memorable experience. Our business is looking forward to serving you and other brides and grooms for many years in the future. Hang out with us over on our Instagram, and stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts jam packed with value and fun!

Images by Pinkerton Photo and Stacey Poterson

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