February 11, 2022


Behind The Details Duo: Our 2022 Business Goals

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

2021 is behind us, and we are ready to make it our best year yet. In order to continue growing and providing memorable products and experiences for clients like you, it was time we got clear on our vision for The Details Duo going into this year. With our strategic plan we intend to map out where we are headed in 2022 and we wanted to share our goals with you! After all, you’re along for the ride with us. At the end of this year we will hopefully have achieved what we set out to do and allow the space to form new goals as we continue to grow more each year. We are so thrilled to begin expanding our products, leveling up our client experience and social media presence, and so much more. Now let’s talk big picture and what that looks like for The Details Duo!

Goal 1: Get Our Products In The Hands Of More Couples

In 2022 one of our top goals is to expand and have the ability to serve more couples than before. 2021 taught us a lot of lessons and we are so thankful for the input and suggestions we received as well. One common request was to make our products more accessible to couples all across the US. 

Offering our products and services to more couples is something we absolutely want to do and is partially why we created our sister company, weddinglasercuts.com! The ball is rolling and we are so excited to see where it leads; the ability to open our products up to more couples who may not be able to meet our minimum requirement is exactly what we envisioned. We also know that this will open the door for us to put more time into our clients who want a full immersive experience with multiple large installations and wedding details from us. Right now, due to our size we are only able to take on a certain number of wedding dates every year and we often are already booked up on highly requested dates! Being able to open our availability up is a dream and we are excited for all that is to come. We know how important custom wedding decor is for many couples, and we hope to be a part of so many more love stories to come.

We plan on sharing some other new services that we will be offering soon, but just know things are going to be BIG. 🤩

Goal 2: Quality Over Quantity: Less Weddings = More Attention For Cohesive Branding

Being a part of our clients wedding day is a dream come true, but we also know that your overall experience you have with us down to every last detail is important. So, we have made it a goal to give our clients more of our attention to allow us to pour more time into creating more cohesive details. 

With the ability to spend more time on client builds, we will be able to build our brand as well. Knowing that our clients need more than just an escort display for their wedding day, we want to provide the access to more products and availability. By limiting the number of weddings we take each year we will be able to create everything you can think of and be a larger part of your wedding day: from escort displays, custom signage, laser cut menus, drink stirrers, and more! We want to walk into an event and see our work cohesively tied into every element of the day. 

By having us create multiple details and builds for your wedding day you will also notice that everything will feel all the more uniform. We will be able to use the same colors, fonts, and more to bring each element of your event to life. 

Venue: JW Marriott Camelback Inn | Planner: Konsider It Done | Florist: Form Floral

Goal 3: Let’s Get To Know Each Other: Level Up Client Experience

This year we’ve introduced some new ways to improve our overall client experience so that YOU can get the best out of your time with us. We love what we do and we LOVE creating, but there is nothing we love more than getting to know our clients and collaborate on something that is super unique and a direct reflection of the couple. When you book with us you can expect a hands-on approach to designing the details of your wedding day. From the start, you will receive a questionnaire where we want you to tell us all about your love and relationship. From there, our team will get to work coming up with concepts to present to you at our first meeting. 

We began sending out the love story questionnaires to our clients and so far the response has been great! Our clients truly value our creative process so we want to make sure they know we value them. By collecting information about their relationship like what their favorite hobbies are or what they love to do as a couple, we really form a connection with them. This allows us to nail down details that stay true to who they are and come up with something that is one-of-a-kind and special! 

To really seal the deal on elevating our client experience, we are hoping that by this fall we will have the ability to share digital proofs directly with our clients with Dubsado. This will allow us to streamline the entire planning and proofing process. Our clients will receive the proofs and be able to make comments and give us feedback directly within Dubsado — how amazing is that? With this new process, we have even added a designer to our team and couldn’t be more thrilled to have a professional designer in-house. 

Goal 4: Follow, Like, Share: Show Up On Social Media

Connection and word of mouth are huge in the wedding and events industry. We want to be more diligent in putting our name to be out there and building relationships with our community. Over the last few years we have built some incredible products and we want to share them with the world! In addition to growing our social media presence we love the idea of connecting directly with our community and clients.

We believe that being able to put a face to a name or show the behind-the-scenes moments is key to building trust and a great reputation. We know how important a first impression is and scrolling through social media can be a great way to gain an idea of who you may be working with. We want to provide our clients with value and content that they can trust and enjoy. Be on the lookout for more Instagram posts, Reels, Blog Posts and more! 

Goal 5: Celebrate A Job Well Done

Alright, honesty hour. 2021 was a difficult year due to the amount of events we executed over a short amount of time with a small team (I’m talking 70+ weddings within 3 months…phew!) We were pushed to the limit and while it wasn’t easy we still loved every moment. We are proud of the business we have created and the work we have done so far, but 2021 definitely left us a little scarred and in need of some major R&R. So, we are absolutely making it a goal to take time for ourselves in 2022. By achieving our 2022 goals, we will hopefully streamline our business approach so that we can create a peaceful balance and still see the upward growth we are hoping for our business.

As a husband and wife team, we know the importance of taking time to pour energy into our relationship and 2021 didn’t allow us much flexibility to do so. The work-life balance is tricky when you own a business, it can be hard to separate work and play! We know a break from the hustle will be good for us. So, when we’re not creating custom builds and perfecting all the details — you can expect to find us planning trips and enjoying the fruits of our labor. In fact, we did just take a trip out to Vail, Colorado and stayed at the Four Seasons Resort as a reward for making it through the insane 2021 wedding season! 

We are thrilled to see where the year leads us and for all of the clients we will be able to work with. Crushing each of these goals is what we’re looking forward to most, and we are over the moon. Be sure to stay tuned in on our socials and blog to keep up with what’s going on over here at The Details Duo

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