October 14, 2021


Custom Vow Books | Promise Pages

Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

How has it already been a year since we launched Promise Pages?! It is so crazy how time flies and we have just had an absolute blast creating custom vow books for our wonderful couples. We officially launched the business in September 2020. It took the whole year prior to build out the website and dig through technology to find out what would work best for customers to render their vow books in real-time, allowing them to see what their books would look like before purchase! This has been a love-filled project from the start and we are just in awe of its journey so far.

Why add vow books to the mix?

We’ve had friends, family, and customers ask about our story, and the reason behind why we started creating Promise Pages. For Brad and I, writing our own vows was one of our favorite parts of our wedding day. As a married couple ourselves, we know how special and meaningful it is to exchange those sentimental words during the ceremony! We saw Promise Pages as the perfect opportunity to provide an extension to our business. We do have an eye for details after all! 

Promise Pages allowed us to explore the world of eCommerce and create something that couples everywhere could enjoy on their wedding day! We wanted this meaningful detail to be available to couples nationwide, allowing them to purchase and customize their very own vow books. Something we’ve loved hearing from our clients is how they have admired and kept their books as a special keepsake from the big day. Some have even said that they plan on using their custom vow books as a family heirloom to pass on to generations to come! Seeing Promise Pages come to life has been a fulfilling adventure and we are thrilled to see how it continues to grow.

We’re all about personalization!

There was no doubt that our custom vow books had to be special in their own way. We wanted them to stand out and be a must-have detail for our couples on their big day! So, we really put our minds together to craft up the overall product design. All of our books are hand-pressed with a Kwikprint hot stamping machine. Kwikprint is one of the top manufacturers in the industry and used for many luxury designer brands. Think Louis Vuitton and TUMI — only the best for our amazing couples!

We knew there had to be the option to personalize your vow book, so we currently have six different cover color options — ivory, blush, pink, black, burgundy, navy blue, and charcoal grey. Whatever your wedding colors are, there is a vow book for you! To carry the customization a little further we have three metallic foil colors to choose from for imprinting “His” and “Hers” on the books — gold, silver, and rose gold! And ready for the best part? We’re able to add any custom detail to the cover. You and your partner’s names, your wedding date, a meaningful quote, whatever it may be! Whatever you envision, let us know so we can create your perfect vow book. Once you receive these beauties, the rest is up to you! The pages will be left blank so you are free to fill them with your vows for your special day.

Love is in the details

We know how important the little moments are to your wedding day. The details can be what sets your day apart from the rest and make it really feel like you! Writing and sharing your own vows with one another on your wedding day is such a special moment and we hope that Promise Pages vow books inspire you to fill the pages with your commitment to one another. It has seriously been so much fun watching each custom book come to life, we have poured our love and time into these for you and know they are going to be cherished for a lifetime.

Red His and Hers custom vow books with linen cover and gold metallic foil stamp
Black and blue linen custom vow books with His and Hers metallic stamp
linen custom vow books for couples
Navy custom vow books with silver metallic foil stamp
ivory custom vow books with His and Hers gold metallic foil customization

Ready to design your very own custom vow books? Visit our website to get started, and find Promise Pages on Instagram!

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